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Affiliate Program

Be apart of Earth Travel, the most adventurous lifestyle brand in the industry.

Our marketing strategy is a bit “unique” in that we prefer to put money back in our customers’ pockets instead of paying Google and Facebook every month for their hit or miss advertising.

As an affiliate in the Earth Travel Affiliate Program, we have given you two ways to make money. If you an approved publisher, you can feature one of our banner ads on your website or blog. You’ll receive 10% of the purchases that are made as a result of someone clicking on your ad. Or if you become an approved Earth Travel Brand Ambassador, you will have the opportunity to earn 10% commission on all sales through your personal checkout code or link given to you to to share with your colleagues, family, and friends. What if you want to do both? Once approved, all options are only a click away. What are you waiting for? Apply today!

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