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August 16, 2016


August 04, 2016


New Women'16 Customer Fall Favorites

Our favorites typically align with our customer's and our Denim Cap has been a top seller to date! Shop this look here

"I never wear romper's," said Angela Maupin and ETA customer," but the plunging neckline, flattering pattern way, and loose fitting sleeves made this a must have item!" Shop this look here.

" I will have to hide this from my daughters," said an ETA enthusiast adding further detail that her daughters will "steal" this plus size item to layer with their dresses for school. Shop this look here.



August 02, 2016


Tuesday Traveler Spotlight: Meghan Switzer

Kevin Rist, with Earth Travel Apparel, is traveling around the world interviewing millennial's he has met along his journey. Rist wants to advocate adventure by lending a lens to where these traveler's go while encompassing new perspectives on life in general.

"I travel now because I learn something new about myself and the world we live in... " - Meghan Switzer

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July 26, 2016


The Tuesday Traveler: Robert Hoffmann

Earth Traveler and Videographer, Kevin Rist with @KMRPhotos, puts the spotlight on millennial traveler's that he has met along his international journey that digs into the purposes for adventure.

" Try new things, meet new people, see new places, enjoy the world.."

July 20, 2016


Delilah Romper Latest Fashion Blog Feature

Fashion Blogger, KK with Kkantoinette.com , takes on "The Rainbow Hotel" in our Delilah romper ! Shop KK's look here

July 12, 2016


The Tuesday Traveler: Jessica Devnani

Kevin Rist, with Earth Travel Apparel, puts the spotlight on traveler's met along his worldly excursion. Rist uncovers the individual behind their adventure that has become an archive of inspiring journey's told from a very personal lens. Here at ETA our tribe believes it's not just a physical adventure but an evolvement within yourself that happens too. Earth-Traveler, Kevin Rist with KMR Photography, presents this week's "Tuesday Traveler" featuring Jessica Devnani.
July 11, 2016


Mid Monday Mantra

Tuesday Traveler: Aaron Gordon II Photo by KMRPhotography
July 04, 2016


The Tuesday Traveler: Jade Brennan

#Earthtraveler, Kevin Rist, puts the spotlight on those met while traveling around the world. His mission is to uncover the personal journey's each traveler uniquely experiences to showcase individual perspectives while embarking their next endeavor. Kevin Rist with KMRPhotography and the rest of the ETA tribe presents this week's "Tuesday Traveler" featuring Jade Brennan. - Enjoy.

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July 01, 2016


Fashion Blog Review: Lace Cover-Up

Fashion blogger and fellow adventurer, KK, takes on Palm Springs and we're so happy our lace cover-up made it into her luggage.

For more fashion inspiration visit KK's site here: http://www.kkantoinette.com/

June 07, 2016


The Tuesday Traveler: Episode 3

#EarthTraveler Videographer: Kevin Rist 

Follow his personal journey via @KMRphotos